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Membership Information

As a member of ISCC you enjoy the following benefits:

  • ISCC News subscription. ISCC News is published six times per year. It includes information about ISCC conferences and other events. We also publish information about any of our member bodies, so you keep up with several organizations just by reading our newsletter!
  • Discount on Color Research & Application. ISCC members receive more than 50% off the regular subscription price of Color Research & Application. Just this benefit alone will pay for an annual membership! We also host an archive of CR&A "In This Issue" columns.
  • Reduced Conference Fees. When attending ISCC-sponsored conferences, ISCC members pay lower registration fees than non-members.
  • Your Voice is heard. As an ISCC member, you have voting rights in elections of ISCC officers and board members. You will have a part in selecting the individuals who run the national color organization in the U.S.

Additionally, there are many less tangible benefits:

  • Professional Interaction.The ISCC designs its conferences with adequate time for interacting with the premiere color scientists in the world.
  • Professional Advancement. The opportunity to present your own papers and poster sessions.
  • Professional Currency. The opportunity to stay current in multi-disciplinary State of the Art technologies.
  • Professional Knowledge. The world's foremost companies in color and appearance science regularly maintain equipment displays.
  • Progression of Color Science. The opportunity to serve in a Project Commitee advances the state of the art in many disciples of science.
  • Personal Mentoring. Help direct the future of color science by guiding the shining starts of tomorrow. Speaking at student chapters, encouraging students, or directing research.

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