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Committees & Interest Groups

Getting involved in the ISCC is easy! The ISCC has both Interest Groups as well as specific Project Committees that address an individual problem or topic. All groups have their own chairman and vice-chairman that coordinate the activities of each.

There are 3 interest groups, each concentrating on a different aspect of Color. Interest Group I, Fundamental and Applied Research, centers on research in the field of color, such as color vision, color order systems, and color instrumentation. Interest Group II, Industrial Application of Color, involves the practical application of color science to industrial applications. Interest Group III, Art, Design and Psychology, centers on color from the non-measurement perspective, bringing together physical sciences, artists, and affords a unique perspective in how color is perceived and acted upon by people. The Education Committee rounds out these groups by providing a connection with academic and other educational sources. The goal of the Education Committee is to recruit general interest talks of a tutorial nature for the anual meeting.

Chairman and vice-Chairs for each group are listed below:

Interest Group I: Basic and Applied Color Research

Ms. Ann Laidlaw (chair)
Xrite Incorporated
1108 Grecade Street
Greensboro NC 27408 USA
tel: 616-803-2678
fax: 336-274-1971
(vice chair vacant)

Interest Group II: Industrial Application of Color

Mr. James Roberts (chair)
BYK-Gardner, USA
Technical Manager P05
9104 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046-2729 USA
tel: 301-483-6500 x7288
fax: 301-483-6555
(vice chair vacant)

Interest Group III: Art Design and Psychology

Dr. Barbara Martinson (chair)
University of Minn.
Design Hse Ap
240 McNeal Hall
1985 Buford Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108 USA
tel: 612-624-4239
fax: 612-624-2750
(vice chair vacant)

Education Committee

Dr. David R. Wyble (chair)
Munsell Color Science Lab
Rochester Institute of Technology
54 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester NY, 14623
tel: 585-475-7310
(vice chair vacant)