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ISCC Bridge Session at:
Color, Light & Appearance Week at NIST

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
June 16-20, 2014
Program (with presentation slides) | Call for Papers

Come join us in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the bright days of June. On June 16-20, 2014, Color, Light & Appearance Week at NIST will feature a joint meeting of ISCC, ASTM and CIE that will focus on color-related standards and the science and technology that pertains to them.

Monday and Tuesday (June 16-17) will feature committee meetings of Division 1 of the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (CIE). Division 1, Vision and Color, is chartered to study visual responses to light and to establish standards of response functions, models and procedures of specification relevant to photometry, colorimetry, colour rendering, visual performance and visual assessment of light and lighting. In past years, CIE Division 1 has met in Tokyo, Leon, Ottawa, Beijing, Stockholm, Budapest, Princeton, Sun City South Africa, Taipei, and Leeds. Now it comes to Gaithersburg. (CIE Program updated May 11)

Thursday and Friday (June 17-18) will feature subcommittee meetings of ASTM Committee E12 on Color and Appearance (E12 program). E12 meets each year in January and June, with about 25 members attending two days of technical meetings. Technical workshops are typically also conducted during the two-day session. The Committee, with a membership of over 160, currently has jurisdiction of more than 70 standards. E12 has 11 subcommittees that maintain jurisdiction over these standards. Industries concerned with color and appearance develop the standards and then it becomes an emblem of quality for an industry to claim compliance with the standards.

Between these meetings, on Wednesday June 18, the Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC) will conduct a special symposium that variously highlights colorimetric calculations, color appearance, instrumental assessment of color appearance, color rendering, and new directions.

To complement the week’s meeting, we have coordinated several other activities: We begin with a dinner social at the Dogfish Head Alehouse immediately following the CIE Division 1 Meeting, Tuesday. Next will be the ISCC Annual Luncheon on Wednesday. Also Friday afternoon includes an optional afternoon NIST lab tour, including the Spectrally Tunable Lighting Facility (where recent Duv experiments can be demonstrated), LED flicker experiment booth (now improved computer control), mesopic photometry experiment setup (effects of glare sources), as well as NIST photometry measurement facilities.

We will all learn from this symposium. Be a part of it! We look forward to seeing you at NIST.


Michael H. Brill and Ellen C. Carter

ISCC Symposium Chairs

Local Gaithersburg Information

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