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ISCC 2016 Annual Meeting

Jointly Presented with IS&T´s Color and Imaging Conference
Westgate Hotel
November 7-11, 2016
San Diego, CA

All of the most recent information, as well as links to conference registration and hotel reservations, can be found on the CIC. Note that you can register for the whole conference, a single day, or the ISCC Annual Meeting only (as the Friday Workshop). The Friday Awards and Business Luncheon is a separate charge of $10. The Luncheon will be a box lunch provided immediately after the workshop.

We are excited to announce that the 2016 Annual Meeting will be co-located with the IS&T Color and Imaging Conference, in San Diego, California. CIC will be November 7-11, and our Annual Meeting will be within CIC as a workshop on the morning of Friday November 11. While the workshop will serve as our Annual Meeting, it will be open to any regular CIC attendees. There is also a workshop-only registration for those who do not wish to attend the entire week. The morning workshop will be followed by the ISCC Business and Awards Meeting and then a luncheon.

The theme of the workshop will be Life of a Color. We have scheduled four presentations spanning much of the breadth of ISCC membership. It will begin with a description of the creative design process: Leslie Harrington (CAUS) will present The Design of a Color. Leslie will walk through how a brand color is originally selected, and then the associated strategic decisions: how to align the color with a product/brandís attributes/voice; what are the customer segmentations and geographical positioning; and finally trend influences and competitive landscape.

Once a color has been defined, we need to make sure that everyone is looking at the same color: Max Derhak (Onyx Graphics) will present The Management of a Color. Color management is the process by which colors are represented, communicated, transformed and reproduced using a device independent color representation. Traditional color management has used only CIEXYZ colorimetry based on a single observer and single illuminant. Max will describe a system that accounts for a complete color process from light sources onto objects captured through color matching, and provides the means to add perceptual aspects of color.

Now that color is accurately communicated, the industrial processes can begin: Ann Laidlaw (ACL Color Consulting LLC) will present The Manufacturing of a Color. The color of a consumer product may begin as inspiration or whimsy. The presentation will follow the path of a color from the creative process through development, approval, and manufacturing. The use of robust electronic and physical color standards and consistent procedures is crucial to managing accurate color with on-time deliveries, especially when products are fabricated from multiple materials and when multiple products are merchandized together.

Finally, for all of the above to have any effect in the world, the color must be seen by an individual: Mark Fairchild (RIT) will present The Perception of a Color. Mark will trace the fate of a photon from the surface of an object to the point a color appearance is experienced in the brain.

There are a number of unique aspects of this meeting. First, since the meeting is wholly within the Color Imaging Conference, the main-CIC attendees are also encouraged to attend. This will present an opportunity for ISCC to tell its story to individuals who perhaps have never even heard of us! Also, we feel that the presentations and resulting discussions more completely represent the ISCC constituency than perhaps has been achieved in recent years. Addressing the breadth of our membership is always a goal, but has proven an elusive one for many years. So artists, designers, scientists, industrialists and educators with an interest in color, come one come all to this unique ISCC workshop on Life of a Color. Look for more information on the web sites linked to above. We hope to have many of you participate in this great opportunity to increase awareness of ISCC.

David R Wyble, Avian Rochester, LLC.
2016 Annual Meeting Chair and Workshop Organizer
email Dave

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