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Council Activities

The ISCC is the principal professional society on the field of color in the United States, encompassing the arts, sciences and industry, pursuant to the Aims and Purposes described here. Other national organizations with an interest in color are Member-Bodies of the Council and appoint delegations to participate in the Council's work. Individual members are the largest single group.

The Annual Meeting, usually held in April, includes
  • meetings of the Project Committees and
  • sessions of three Interest Groups:
    • Fundamental & Applied Color Research;
    • Industrial Application of Color; and
    • Art, Design & Psychology.

    There is also a

  • main program devoted to a specific aspect of color plus a
  • Poster Paper session.

Joint programs with one of the Council's Member-Bodies are interesting and educational.

In most years there is a separate topical Williamsburg Conference, often in February, where a single color subject is explored in depth with participants from all over the world providing state-of-the-art information. Attendance at these conferences is usually smaller than at Annual Meetings, reflecting their topical nature and permitting interaction between speakers and participants.

The ISCC is the U.S. Member of the Association Internationale de la Couleur (AIC), which holds general meetings quadrennially and topical meetings annually.